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Phil Johnson, Helping business leaders focus on the WHY versus the WHAT.

This is a fantastic interview with an individual who deeply cares about helping executives uncover the Why of what they do…both as a leader as well as an organization.  Phil takes time to talk to us about just how fast change is coming at us and how the primal response to change is fear.  He goes on to make a compelling case for the value of emotional intelligence when it comes to dealing with change.

“I don’t care what you think.  I only care what you do.”  These are some of the first words spoken by Phil to a new client.  Which admittedly sounds counter-intuitive.  But, according to Johnson, focusing on doing the right things will begin to force our minds to then think correctly.

Listen in and you will gain insight into employee engagement, productivity, change management, and the importance of vision casting.

Mark Myette, Casting a vision for Training and Develpment, #ASTD

With enthusiasm and passion, Mark Myette serves as the president of the Atlanta chapter of ASTD, the American Society for Training and Development. What a fun and fascinating interview, especially having SHRM-Atlanta’s president Tamara O’Neill in the same studio as my co-host. In this interview Mark makes a compelling case for employers to prioritize training as a way of driving employee and customer engagement. In fact, he strongly encourages companies to actually begin to correlate their investment in training to other key scorecard metrics.

The payoff of Mark’s interview is at the end of the interview when asked if he would relate a real-life story of how training help impact and even transform lives. Listen in as he reveals a very positive, personal experience his wife had with a company who invested in training. You will be entertained and inspired.

Stephen Seidel, Habitat for Humanity International chooses to Innovate for greater Impact!

Twenty-four years ago, Stephen Seidel heard an interview on the news with Jimmy Carter and was inspired to pick up a hammer and an apron and get involved as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in his local Minneapolis, St.Paul affiliate.  Twenty four years later, Stephen Seidel serves the same organization as the Senior Director for the organization’s  Global Program Design and Implementation.  Among other profound principles, one that struck me most was how he has been able to blend his passion with his career. Great life lesson for all of us.

In this moving interview, you will hear about how Habitat for Humanity International allowed the difficult economic times to forge new innovative ways of thinking.  It’s really an amazing story as Stephen illustrates the impact by opening a window into their new work in what was a deteriorating neighborhood of Milwaukee.  Listen as he talks about how because of this new work, people are now back on their front porch greeting neighbors as they walk by and strolling to the local merchants that once were closed up but now thriving.

Amazing story. Moving interview. Tranformational work. Listen in and I think you will agree.

Chris White, Living the dream can sometimes be scary but always rewarding!

On this edition of Inspiration At Work, filmaker Chris White opens a window into his journey of becoming a film maker. What I love most about this interview is Chris’ willingness to be vulnerable and transparent through and through… from the enlistment of his backers to the actual making of the film, always true to his values, which translates into always Inspiring.

For anyone who has a heart felt desire to pursuit their dream but feels stuck, this is a fantastic interview that could serve as a catalyst for you taking the first step. By the way, this is the second interview we’ve done on Inspiration At Work where someone has successfully used crowd-funding to capitalize their venture.

Another very resonate message within Chris White’s interview is his approach to enlisting his backers. He talks about how he created 300 personal video messages that resulted in over 100 people investing into his new film project, Taken In. Listen in. You’ll be glad you did.

Josh Tetrick, Purpose Driven Profit

Just 29 days into the launch of his new venture,, Josh Tetrick is on a mission to connect investors with entrepreneurs in developing nations… and it’s working!  From Kenya to Peru, Social entrepreneurs are responding to a higher call.  And Josh Tetrick’s web platform is serving as a catalyst for making the world a better place.

This week on Inspiration At Work, you will be both inspired by what micro gifts can do through “crowd-funding” and inspired to get involved.

If you enjoy being comfortable, please do not listen to this interview. But, if you are counted among those who want to be challenged to have maximum impact with your life, do not miss this interview with Josh Tetrick.  Powerful, compelling, convicting, and hopeful.  This is a perfect interview for anyone needing to catch a vision for just how significant their life could be when giving your life away in service.

Gary Jones, Sees Nothing but Opportunity since Defining Moment

If there was ever a doubt in your mind about how an inspiring culture can drive profit, listen in on this interview with Gary Jones on Inspiration At Work Radio. Gary, the Chief Human Resource Officer at The Grizzard Communications Group, shares a superb balance between guiding principles and practical ideas on how to create an inspiring culture at work.

Gary also speaks about his deep appreciation and affection for the many helpful relationships he has developed through the years through his involvement with SHRM-Atlanta and SHRM national.

As good as the content is on the subject of culture, the payoff of the interview comes towards the end of the show when Gary opens a window into his life and shares how a guitar-playing experience in a recording studio became a defining moment in his life. Listen in and you will be glad you did.

Phillip Crone, A Little Bit over a Long Period of Time will Make your Life Richer!

If you have a hunger and thirst to get the most out of life, you will love this interview with Phillip Crone.  From the very beginning you will be inspired by his willingness to be both vulnerable and transparent about his past.  After having found himself with $90,000 of personal debt from playing the stock market, he went on to become wildly successful at just 37 years old.  But even so, it did not happen over night nor was there some “secret.”  Step by step, one good habit built upon another, paying it forward one relationship at time, he has hit his stride in life and clearly operates out of sheer joy for life.

Unlike most motivational speakers, Phillip does not charge to speak and even gives away his book, plus a FREE pair of Thorlo socks.  That’s more than a good value.  That’s a life of passion at work to make a difference in other people’s lives.

This is a powerful interview that could be used to help fire up your team for the week, the month, and maybe even change their lives.  Listen in and see if you do not agree.

Laurie Beth Jones, Igniting Teams & Increasing Results!

Laurie Beth Jones, International Author, Speaker, and Organizational Consultant, may be most famous for her best seller, Jesus CEO, which to date has sold over one million copies.  But, my bet is that her greatest impact will be seen as her unique ability to create alignment between the strengths of organizational teams and the mission they serve.  In this interview with Laurie Beth on Inspiration At Work, she openly shares many transformational principles that any and every organization can and should deploy to achieve maximum results.

Just to mention two such principles you will hear in this interview: “Throw your nets on the other side of boat,” what to do when your best efforts produce little to no results.  “Four Elements of Personality,” the secret to building a highly productive team that could transform an organization’s culture, even in a global environment.

If you are a team leader, you owe it to yourself and your team to listen in on Laurie Beth’s insights.  To learn more about how she and the Jones Group can serve you and your organization, click here.

Jim Link, Developing Leaders is Priority No. 1 at Randstad

Jim Link, Managing Director for Human Resources at Randstad

This week on Inspiration at Work, Jim Link, Managing Director for Human Resources at Randstad, a global staffing corporation with literally thousands of offices around the world, shares with us his insights into what makes for an inspiring culture.  There is a robust discussion on what it takes for HR Leaders to get a seat at the table with the rest of C-level executives and how to get measurable results.  Jim issues a challenge for anyone aspiring to get ahead in their organization, “take the initiative to become informed about relevant metrics and it will position you as an engaged and valued leader.”

This is an interview that is full of great content and perfect for anyone interested in raising the inspiration factor of their work-place culture.  Whether you are a leader or an aspiring leader in your company,  you will benefit from a listen in to Jim Link.  Your life will be richer for it.