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Creating Powerful Waves of Advocates for Your Company’s Mission

Long gone are the days of companies relying on external marketing to drive customer sales. In today’s world, customers are demanding experiences that are relevant, transparent and consistent; and most of all, they want to be associated with brands that inspire them, feeling a part of something bigger than a clever marketing campaign, or the product or service itself.

In this webinar, you will get a ‘behind the curtain’ look at the compelling research project that uncovered the 25 Most Inspiring Companies® that has business buzzing and demanding to know more about the dramatic shift in power from ROI (Return on Investment) to RO-i ™ (Return on Inspiration). This new imperative enlists, equips and empowers high value advocates to champion your brand in ways that exponentially drive performance and leverage new technology like never before.


  1. How ‘acts of inspiration’ are measurable and boost top– and bottom-line performance.
  2. Get a glimpse at how some organizations that made the Most Inspiring list are using social media to engage their employees and customers.
  3. Identify one of four ways your company could become a Most Inspiring Company.
  4. See how the message lived out by employees is driving customer advocacy.

Over 1700 respondents participated in this research project, providing the first ever consumer-centric Most Inspiring Companies® ranking that was published in Forbes®, May 2010.  Not only did respondents provide a ranking but they also provided over 11,000 words of explanation, making it clear that if a company is going to thrive in this competitive environment, they absolutely must learn to make a shift from ROI (Return on Investment) to RO-i (Return on Inspiration™).

About the Presenter

Terry Barber is Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of Inspiration Blvd, LLC and creator of the Most Inspiring Index®. He is author of The Inspiration Factor: How to Revitalize Your Company Culture in 12 Weeks. He has been featured in BusinessWeek, Forbes and The American Management Association’s Leadership Excellence.

With more than 20 years of experience at helping companies and nonprofits create powerful, passionate

‘brand-evangelists’, Terry shares what every organization must do to engage these powerful word-of-mouth advocates. The bottom line?  The marketing ploys of the past — gimmick-laden promotional campaigns, celebrity endorsement, money-back guarantees, loyalty points, and even guaranteed low price — have all taken a back seat to tapping into and capitalizing on the Inspiration DNA™ of customers and employees alike.