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Highlighting what business leaders are doing to inspire their employees, their customers, or in the case with nonprofits, their donors and volunteers.

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This is a fantastic interview with an individual who deeply cares about helping executives uncover the Why of what they do…both as a leader as well as an organization.  Phil takes time to talk to us about just how fast change is coming at us and how the primal response to change is fear.  He … [more]

With enthusiasm and passion, Mark Myette serves as the president of the Atlanta chapter of ASTD, the American Society for Training and Development. What a fun and fascinating interview, especially having SHRM-Atlanta’s president Tamara O’Neill in the same studio as my co-host. In this interview Mark makes a compelling case for employers to prioritize training … [more]

Twenty-four years ago, Stephen Seidel heard an interview on the news with Jimmy Carter and was inspired to pick up a hammer and an apron and get involved as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in his local Minneapolis, St.Paul affiliate.  Twenty four years later, Stephen Seidel serves the same organization as the Senior Director … [more]

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